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A Website Evaluation is an online, task-based evaluation that measures how well your site is performing across key experience metrics, such as success of task completion, satisfaction, ease of use, and likelihood to purchase and / or recommend. Website Evaluations provide statistically reliable metrics to help inform key business decisions.


A Website Evaluation will provide a baseline for how well your site is performing across key segments, identify problem areas and solutions, and establish a benchmark for improvement moving forward.

eVOC Insights performs Website Evaluations using online technologies that seamlessly collect quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral data while evaluating the user experience. The consultants at eVOC Insights have performed hundreds of Website Evaluations and have created a proven methodology for improving performance to drive higher satisfaction, retention, and revenue.

website evaluation survey


  • Determine how well your website is performing along key performance metrics
  • Measure customer attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors in one evaluation
  • Benchmark site performance and track ROI improvements over time
  • Gain statistically reliable metrics via a large sample
  • Identify short-term and long-term recommendations for website improvements


  • How successful are users in completing specific tasks on a website?
  • How satisfied are users with the website?
  • How likely are users to return to and / or recommend the website?
  • What are common frustrations that users encounter?
  • How can the website experience be improved?
  • What aspects of the website cause a significant barrier to usage?
  • In what areas has the website improved since the last benchmark study?


Website Evaluations can be conducted at any time during the life cycle of a website. They are often most effective as a first assessment of site performance to establish a baseline from which future improvements can be measured. Website Evaluations are very helpful before and after a re-launch of a site to provide ROI on the site redesign.

Website Evaluations are also effective for benchmarking site performance on a semi-annual or quarterly basis to track the impact of site changes, industry trends and new feature enhancements. A Website Evaluation is a reliable way of capturing statistical metrics for customers’ thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors online.