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Open Web Research (OWR) evaluates how your target customers use the Web when performing an activity, such as researching a health condition, buying a new car, or purchasing a home computer. The goal of OWR is to understand how your consumers search the Web and to define the web landscape as it relates to your brand and the competition.


To conduct Open Web Research, eVOC evaluates large samples of target users as they start from a blank web page to research information online while in their natural environment, such as their home or office. eVOC is able to track every page users see and every keyword they search on websites.

In addition, eVOC is able to integrate quantitative and qualitative questions throughout the experience to understand why users leave one site and go to another when researching information online. Following the open web experience, users can be directed to any specific site or URL for further review.

open web research


  • Determine where to focus marketing efforts to drive awareness and acquisition
  • Learn which websites and resources users go to for information related to your industry or product
  • Ascertain users' knowledge and awareness of your industry or brand
  • Identify what features, tools and content on the web is most often visited and used


  • How do users explore the Web when researching a specific topic?
  • Which websites do users visit and what content / tools are most useful?
  • Why do users start at a specific site? Why do they leave and go to another?
  • What advertising or marketing do they click on during their research?
  • How satisfied are users with specific websites? Why?
  • Which sites do they like the best?
  • Which sites cause the most frustration?


Open Web Research illuminates the competitive landscape when users are looking for information related to your products and services online. This type of research helps determine what content, features, and tools garner the most attention and what information to place on your site to increase usage.

Open Web Research is best when conducted prior to developing a site or before a major site redesign to determine the most important elements to incorporate on your site and where to focus marketing efforts to drive acquisition.