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The consultants at eVOC Insights have proven expertise in building large-scale Online Benchmarking programs. When maintaining a family of branded websites or when monitoring your competitors’ sites, it is important to establish a standard benchmarking program for systematically measuring your customer experience and evaluating ROI.


Online benchmarking can be conducted on your site to benchmark its performance over time, measure it against the competition, or compare a series of your branded sites to ensure all sites are meeting similar business objectives.

eVOC suggests running annual or semi-annual benchmark studies to measure site performance, competitive positioning, and consumer trends over time. Whether prompted by a site redesign or by a shift in your brand strategy, online benchmarking will enable you to measure the ROI from your online initiatives.

online benchmarking


  • Benchmark how well your site is performing along key performance metrics over time
  • Measure competitive positioning and consumer trends on a regular basis
  • Track ROI from online changes and improvements
  • Gain statistically reliable metrics via a large sample
  • Identify short-term and long-term recommendations for site improvements


  • How is your site performing over time across objective, repeatable metrics?
  • Which websites do users visit and what content / tools are most useful?
  • Is your site maintaining a competitive advantage?
  • What trends are driving consumer behavior, and how have they changed?
  • How well is your brand positioning with target users? Versus the competition?
  • How effective are your new feature enhancements? Versus the competition?
  • What best practices are your competitors using that you should emulate?


Online Benchmarking can be conducted at any time throughout the lifecycle of a website. Online Benchmarking is most effective when a site evaluation or competitive assessment is conducted before and after a re-launch of a site to provide ROI on the site redesign.

Online Benchmarking is also effective for benchmarking site performance on a semi-annual or quarterly basis to track the impact of site changes, industry trends and new feature enhancements. Online Benchmarking is a reliable way of capturing statistical metrics over time for customers’ thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors online.