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Intercept Survey

An Intercept Survey is an online survey that identifies the profile of visitors coming to your website, what their intentions are, where they naturally go, and whether the website met their expectations upon departure. An Intercept Survey is best for understanding who is coming to the website and how satisfied they are with the website experience when they leave.


An Intercept Survey can be placed on the home page or any page within the website and looks like a pop-up, but is an interstitial that does not get blocked by pop-up blockers. Upon site entry, visitors are asked a series of questions about their profile, prior usage, and intentions for visiting the website. Then visitors explore the website as they normally would. Visitors are prompted to return to the survey window after exploring the site and are asked further questions about their experience and the website’s call-to-action.

An Intercept Survey can be customized to fill quotas based on demographics, key segments, points of entry, and other criteria.

website intercept survey


  • Determine how well your site delivers on visitors' expectations upon site departure
  • Understand how visitors hear about your site and their primary intentions for visiting
  • Track users' behavior as they naturally explore the site based on their intent
  • Identify the current profile of visitors to your site across key segments and demographics


  • What is the profile of visitors coming to the site?
  • How did they hear about the site? How frequently do they visit?
  • What do they intend to do on the site?
  • Are they successful in their task?
  • How satisfied are they with their experience?
  • Are users likely to return and / or recommend the site to others?
  • How can the experience on the site be improved?


Intercept Surveys can be conducted at any time on a live website, and are effective for taking the pulse of your current site visitors. The best way to determine whether the site is meeting the needs of your target customers is to determine who is currently using the site and how satisfied each segment is after naturally exploring the site.

Intercept Surveys are also effective for identifying how well the key tasks or areas of the site are performing, based on correlating users’ intentions with their click-stream behavior. This research answers the “why” behind traditional traffic analysis, as actual site visitors are asked questions about their experience at the point of interaction on the site.