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A Home Page Survey identifies the profile of visitors coming to your site, what their intentions are for visiting, and what their overall impression of the site is prior to exploring. This type of survey is a quick and efficient way to establish a baseline for visitor profile, marketing awareness, frequency of use, and primary intentions for visiting.


A Home Page Survey is placed on the home page and appears similar to a pop-up, but is an interstitial that does not get blocked by pop-up blockers. The interstitial design can be customized to include a company logo and brand colors.  On the home page, visitors are asked a series of questions about their profile, prior usage, and intentions for visiting the site.

Home Page surveys can be conducted at any time on a live website and are effective for understanding who is coming to your site and what their intentions are for visiting. Home Page Surveys are quick and easy to implement and yield immediate results about your current site visitors.

Homepage Survey Image


  • Determine which areas of the home page are most appealing
  • Assess how engaging your home page is at drawing key segments into the site
  • Understand how visitors heard about your site and their primary intentions for visiting
  • Identify the current profile of visitors to your site across key segments and demographics


  • What is the profile of visitors coming to the site?
  • How did they hear about the site?
  • What sites, if any, did they visit prior to coming to your site?
  • How frequently do they visit?
  • What do they intend to do on the site?
  • How appealing is the current home page?
  • What area on the home page draws users’ attention the most?


A Home Page Survey is most effective when assessing how visitors heard about your site and what segments are visiting to ensure your site is meeting the needs of primary users. The home page is the gateway to your site, so it is also helpful to assess how engaging the home page is at drawing users into the site.

Home Page Surveys are also helpful for benchmarking the user profile before and after a key marketing campaign or event to determine the success of a given campaign.