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A head-to-head Competitive Assessment is the best way to gain insight into the current usability, appeal and preference of your website in direct comparison to your leading competitor(s). This type of evaluation allows you to capture competitive preferences at the time of interaction while users complete identical tasks on competitive websites.


eVOC Insights performs Competitive Assessments using online technologies that seamlessly collect quantitative, qualitative and behavioral data as users complete a series of predetermined tasks on multiple websites. Users conduct these tasks from home or work on their own computers.

Competitive Assessments monitor a large sample of users as they perform similar tasks on your site and your competitor’s site, by tracking their click-stream behavior while asking a series of questions based on their experience. This type of head-to-head comparison is the best way to determine how your site is performing relative to the competition across key content areas.

competitive assessment


  • Determine which features to showcase to gain a competitive advantage
  • Measure website performance against key competitor websites
  • Benchmark your website against industry leaders
  • Understand major differentiators that drive purchases on your website versus the competition
  • Identify short-term and long-term recommendations for website improvements


  • How successful are users at completing tasks on your site versus the competition?
  • What do users like / dislike about your site compared to that of your competitor?
  • Where does your site rank in terms of ease of use, satisfaction, and appeal? Which website do users prefer overall?
  • In which areas are you outperforming the competition?
  • In which areas can you improve and learn from your competition?
  • On which site are users most likely to return / recommend / purchase?


A Competitive Assessment provides an in-depth look at how well your website is performing in direct comparison to your competition. It allows you to understand your current position in the marketplace and gives you the insight to improve your position based on key learnings from the leading competitors.

Competitive Assessments also provide a reliable benchmark for site performance as they enable head-to-head comparisons between sites. They can be performed as an overall site assessment, or to evaluate specific features and functionality across websites to identify which features are most valuable for future investment.