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Brand & Concept Test

A Brand and Concept Test will help you understand the effectiveness of your brand strategy or concept development. During the early stages of product marketing, brand concept testing will provide you with the consumer insights needed to launch a successful campaign, new product, or feature enhancement.


Our Brand and Concept Tests combine AA&U (Attitude, Awareness and Usage) testing with brand attribute measurement and concept exploration. We help you understand your target consumers’ awareness and usage of your brand and / or brand category, as well as their competitive preferences and future usage. When testing key concepts, we evaluate how well the concept is perceived among target users and likelihood to adopt based on key features.

For Brand and Concept Testing, we leverage online surveys that enable interaction with images and descriptions to combine implicit and explicit user feedback and identify which attributes resonate with users and drive overall preferences.

brand and concept test


  • Measure brand impression and customer attitudes,
    thoughts, and behaviors in one evaluation
  • Determine how well each concept (prototype,
    design) is performing along key performance metrics
  • Compare performance of designs
  • Evaluate impact of content on user experience and overall satisfaction
  • Gain statistically reliable metrics via a large sample


  • What are the awareness and usage of your brand? Versus the competition?
  • What are users’ attitudes towards your brand?
  • How do users perceive a particular brand statement or new concept?
  • Are participants likely to use the proposed concept or embrace the idea?
  • How can the concept / idea be improved?
  • Which concept, image, and messaging most clearly communicates the offering?
  • Which concept, image, and messaging do users prefer? Why?


Insights from a Brand and Concept Test help identify current perceptions of your brand and what needs to be done to change brand perception.  They also help refine proposed products and key concepts prior to development to ensure the product or concept meets the necessary requirements with target users to be a success.  Brand and Concept Tests are very effective once the concept has been refined and different media campaigns can be tested with a larger audience to ensure the campaign images, design, and messaging resonate with the target population.