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  • Larger sample size enables statistically reliable metrics
  • Sample mirrors the target (by segment / geography)
  • Users complete tasks and questions in a natural setting
  • Guides projections and strategic recommendations
  • Enables advanced analytics across quantitative data
  • Creates a baseline for consistent ROI measurement

Web-Based Testing

We conduct usability research through Web-Based Testing, leveraging online technology to evaluate the customer experience on the web, on a specific website, or of a prototype. Using online survey and task analysis, we are able to evaluate large samples of target users as they explore the web or a prototype while in their natural environment, such as their home or office. We can intercept actual visitors to your site, or invite your target sample via email or through a panel provider. Below are our Web-Based Testing solutions:

  • Website Evaluation

    A Website Evaluation is an online, task-based evaluation that measures how well your site is performing across key experience metrics, such as success of task completion, satisfaction, ease of use, and likelihood to purchase and/or recommend. The goal of a Website Evaluation is to obtain a baseline for how well your site is performing today, identify problem areas and recommendations, and establish a benchmark for improvement moving forward. The consultants at eVOC Insights have performed hundreds of Website Evaluations and have created a proven methodology for improving performance to drive higher satisfaction, retention and revenue.

  • Remote Usability Testing

    Remote Usability Testing is much like lab-based usability testing, in that the goal is to watch a user interact with a website and learn how easy the site is to use, how appealing it is, and how helpful the content is to the end user. However, unlike lab-based testing, remote usability sessions are conducted between an eVOC moderator and a respondent in separate locations using online meeting software over the Internet. Conducting usability testing online versus in a lab-based setting

  • Competitive Assessment

    A head-to-head Competitive Assessment is the best way to gain insight into the current usability, appeal and overall preference for your site in direct comparison to your leading competitor(s). Competitive Assessments monitor users as they perform similar tasks on your site and your competitor’s site (sites are counter-balanced to avoid order bias) and answer a series of follow-up questions based on their experience. Incorporating quantitative and qualitative feedback along with detailed click-stream

  • Intercept Survey

    An Intercept Survey identifies the profile of visitors as they come to your site, what their intentions are, where they naturally go and whether the site meets their expectations upon departure. This type of study provides you with a clear understanding of how your site caters to different target segments and intentions by linking the users’ qualitative and quantitative survey data to their natural behavioral data on the site.

  • Brand & Concept Test

    Understanding the effectiveness of your brand strategy and perception of your brand is critical, regardless of whether you have a strong web presence. During the early stages of product marketing, brand and awareness research will provide you with the consumer insights needed to launch a successful campaign. Our brand studies combine AA&U (Attitude, Awareness and Usage) testing with competitive brand attribute measurement. We help you understand your target consumers’ awareness and usage of your

  • Open Web Research

    An Open Web Research study evaluates how consumers use the online channel when performing an activity, such as researching a health condition, buying a new car, or purchasing a home computer. The goal of Open Web Research is to understand how your consumers search the web, whether through search engines, web portals, etc., and to define the web landscape as it relates to the awareness and usage of your brand relative to the competition.

  • Online Benchmarking

    The consultants at eVOC Insights have proven expertise in building large-scale Online Benchmarking programs, including competitive benchmarking and longitudinal benchmarking. When maintaining a family of branded websites or when monitoring your competitors’ sites, it is important to establish a standard benchmarking program for systematically measuring your customer experience online and evaluating ROI.

  • Online Card Sorting

    Online Card Sorting is an online, activity-based evaluation that allows users to give insight into what navigation and site organization is most intuitive for them. Ideal for early in the website development process, this method helps to inform your site’s information architecture (IA) and create a site that best aligns with your target users’ expectations.

  • Tree Testing

    A Tree Test helps determine the efficacy of your site organization and assess the user’s ability to locate key topics and understand navigation labels on your site.

  • online_diary_image

    Online Diary Study

    An Online Diary Study provides us with access to a target audience over a prolonged period of time, allowing for more in -depth probing than is possible in a single usability session. By communicating with participants while they are in their natural environment on a daily basis

  • homepage_survey_image

    Home Page Survey

    A Home Page Survey identifies the profile of visitors to your site, what their intentions are, and what their overall impression of the home page is prior to exploring. This type of survey is a quick and efficient benchmark to assess who is coming to your site and establish a baseline for marketing awareness, frequency of use, and primary intentions for visiting.