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Prototype testing is effective from the early stages of site development through beta testing. Clients can test static web pages and wireframes to help inform design elements, labeling, and content. Once a functional prototype is ready, key experience flows are evaluated to ensure the site navigation is intuitive and meets users’ expectations.


Prototype Testing can be conducted on any website or set of web pages that demonstrates the intended functionality of a website, but is not currently live. eVOC Insights conducts Prototype Testing in-person using either paper prototypes, design mock-ups (e.g., JPGs, PDFs, etc.), wireframes, or a clickable prototype.  We also work with a design and development partner to create prototypes for testing.

The goal of Prototype Testing is to evaluate new designs prior to launch to ensure the designs are clear, easy to use, and meet users’ expectations. Prototype Testing is best when iterative testing is built into the development process, so changes can be easily made early and often to ensure major issues do not arise just before launch. Prototype Testing also provides confirmation that new design direction, branding, and messaging are going in the right direction.

prototype testing


  • Determine how effective new designs are before going live
  • Reveal how users navigate the new designs and expose barriers to usage
  • Understand how to modify designs in order to achieve the most appealing and successful site experience
  • Identify areas of opportunity for improving the design layout


  • How successful are users at completing key tasks on the prototype?
  • What do users like most / least about the new prototype design?
  • How does the prototype compare to the current site experience?
  • Is the new prototype significantly better than the current site or competitor site?
  • What design, navigation, or content elements need to be improved?


Prototype Testing can offer insights into multiple UI design, navigation and content areas prior to launch. The content, imagery, look, and feel of a design can be evaluated, as well as the labeling, navigation, and information architecture. Prototype Testing gives clients confidence that the new site or redesign will significantly outperform the current site across key success metrics.

eVOC recommends Prototype Testing early in the design process, as the investment of testing site changes prior to launch pales in comparison to the investment required to fix a design after launch, not to mention the lost revenue due to high visitor abandonment from a poorly executed design.