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In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) are one-on-one interviews between an eVOC interviewer and a respondent. The goal of an IDI is to explore how the consumer thinks about a specific subject matter, such as planning a vacation, applying for a loan, or buying a new car, and to understand the consumer’s decision process.


The topics covered during In-depth Interviews are similar to those of a focus group; however, IDIs explore concepts and generate ideas from one respondent at a time. eVOC conducts IDIs to learn how consumers think about a subject specifically as it relates to your products, the web or a website.

Unlike a focus group, IDIs allow the moderator to show a website or prototype to the respondent and ask for feedback. This is difficult to do in a focus group because there are too many respondents to collect concentrated input.

IDIs are generally flexible and unstructured, which encourages participants to expound on a number of subjects. eVOC conducts IDIs using state-of-the art facilities across the United States and abroad that are equipped with two-way viewing capabilities. Participants are recruited to match the desired demographics of your target population.

in-depth interview


  • Understand how consumers think about your brand and your products
  • Explore topics, ideas or new feature enhancements and discover how target consumers would respond
  • Identify what features consumers are most likely to adopt
  • Determine viability and efficacy of a concept or idea through in-depth questioning
  • Gain insights from sample demographics that are hard to recruit in large numbers


  • What are users’ attitudes towards your brand, product, or new concept?
  • How familiar are users with your brand and current product offerings?
  • What are users’ unmet needs and expectations for your products?
  • Are participants likely to use the proposed product or embrace a key concept?
  • How can the proposed product or concept be improved?


eVOC recommends In-depth Interviews when you are in the needs assessment phase or concept testing phase of a website, an online tool or application, or an online media campaign.

Key insights from IDIs help refine proposed products and key concepts prior to development to ensure the product or concept meets the necessary requirements with target users to be a success.