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Focus Groups are moderated discussions with 10-12 participants that are designed to generate ideas or solutions to a problem by discussing it in a group. The goal is to encourage interaction between participants on a series of topics. Focus Groups are best when used to generate ideas and stimulate discussion about a new concept or product.


The topics covered during a Focus Group are similar to those of an individual in-depth interview; however, Focus Groups often provoke more ideas, spontaneity, and openness than can be expected in an interview. In addition to promoting open discussion and candor among the participants, the moderator can also show basic concepts or designs to the group to promote and generate feedback.

eVOC Insights conducts Focus Groups using state-of-the art facilities across the United States and abroad that are equipped with two-way viewing capabilities. Participants are selected based on the target user demographics of the website or concept in question.

focus groups


  • Understand how consumers collectively think about your brand and your products
  • Explore topics, ideas or new feature enhancements and discover how target consumers would respond
  • Determine viability and efficacy of a concept or idea through in-depth questioning of a group
  • Gain insights from sample demographics that are hard to recruit in large numbers


  • How do participants use the web to find information about a particular subject?
  • What are users’ attitudes towards an industry or topic?
  • How do users perceive a particular concept or idea?
  • Are participants likely to use the proposed website or embrace the idea?
  • How can the concept / idea be improved?


eVOC recommends conducting Focus Groups when you are in the needs assessment phase or concept testing phase of a website, an online tool or application, or an online media campaign.

Key insights from Focus Groups help refine proposed products and key concepts prior to development to ensure the product or concept meets the necessary requirements with target users to be a success. Focus Groups enable collective discussion to help legitimize concepts and ensure they meet the needs of a broader audience. They are also effective when comparing different media campaign images, design, and messaging to ensure the best campaign wins.