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Eye Tracking allows us to watch not only how a user interacts with a web page using a mouse, but also enables us to track their eye movements, revealing how users consume the content provided. Through Eye Tracking, we can test advertising recall, determine the best format or placement for content, and establish the best page design and layout.


Eye Tracking uses a technology that includes a special, non-invasive computer monitor to track users’ eye movements as they view web pages, videos, or images.

Eye Tracking consists of 30 to 60 minute interviews, in which users are asked to complete real-life tasks online, while the eye tracking monitor captures their eye movements. The output from the Eye Tracking includes aggregated heat maps and chronological gaze maps that indicate what users actually saw on the page and the order in which they consumed the information.

Eye tracking research


  • Identify which web page elements users notice and overlook while completing tasks online
  • Observe participant reactions in person
  • Determine the images and messaging that resonate with your core users
  • Explore participants' recall and recognition of key ads and messaging via flexible lab format


  • What areas of the page draw users’ attention?
  • Do users notice and use key navigation elements?
  • Do users notice key marketing elements and do they recall the messaging?
  • Are users successful in completing a particular task?
  • Which pages, ads, videos, or images do users prefer?
  • What do they expect to find but overlook on the site?


Eye Tracking reveals which page or image elements users view, how long they view the elements, and in what order they view them. This information can then be compared to what users recall seeing on the page. Eye Tracking is especially useful when conducted with usability testing. In addition to collecting detailed notes on users’ interaction with and verbal responses to a website or marketing campaign, eVOC can use data from Eye Tracking to corroborate or provide further insight into the effectiveness of a site’s information architecture, organization, and content. Eye Tracking is best during a website development process or when comparing different ad campaigns or layouts for a particular web page.

For more information, check out our white paper on Eye Tracking: Having an Eye for Eye Tracking.