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eVOC provides UX Consulting Services to clients who are seeking user interface and website development consultation, traffic analysis, custom analysis of existing data, or online research planning and management. Our consultants manage large and small scale engagements, and are experts in UX design principles, research, and analytics.


Our UX Consulting Services are custom in nature and are determined by clients’ internal needs for UX expertise, design, and analysis. Our consultants have extensive experience with web analytics, which include conducting comprehensive online evaluations, evaluating statistically reliable metrics across large samples, exploring in-depth usability testing with target users, and analyzing traffic and clickstream data.

UX Consulting can be especially helpful for teams who are working on a tight timeline and need immediate feedback on the usability of early stage designs and mock-ups, as findings and recommendations can be delivered within a few days.  As part of this service, eVOC consultants may present findings to the team or participate in working sessions.  The final deliverables for this type of service are also customized and based on the clients’ needs.

eVOC’s UX Consulting goes beyond assessing usability to also include advisement on digital strategy, developing website template designs, and more. Please contact us to find out more about our experience and capabilities. 

UX consulting


  • Understand how well your site performs across key UI categories and guidelines
  • Identify clear strengths and weaknesses with your design and navigation
  • Determine why your web analytics indicate drop-off on key pages
  • Obtain recommended wireframe designs based on UI categories and guidelines
  • Implement a research roadmap to measure customer experience and track ROI


  • Are your new designs meeting UX principles and usability standards?
  • Is your site effectively designed to meet the needs of multiple segments?
  • What are web analytics telling you about your site’s traffic flow?
  • Why is there a drop-off on key pages?
  • Where should you focus your efforts for improving the site?
  • What features should you add to your site to drive conversion?
  • What should your wireframe look like based on eVOC’s recommendations?


Our quantitative and qualitative cross-industry experience enables us to provide clear insights, recommendations, and best practices to help clients optimize their web performance. Through an Usability Expert Review we will provide clear areas for improvement across UX categories. We can also develop wireframe mock-ups to show how our recommendations should be implemented.

In addition, we help clients understand their web analytics and existing consumer research metrics, and will assist with creating a research roadmap for effectively measuring customer experience and tracking ROI over time.