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Usability Expert Review

An Usability Expert Review combines a comprehensive heuristic analysis with website best practices to provide a thorough diagnostic of your website and to offer solutions for improvement. Usability Expert Reviews are most beneficial when preparing for a redesign, entering an iterative design process, or embarking on a research and benchmarking program.


For an Usability Expert Review, eVOC uses a comprehensive list of user experience and user interface guidelines that we have compiled over years of usability research. Two experts will individually evaluate the site across these guidelines, assigning a score to how well the site meets each criterion and aggregating their scores.

The Usability Expert Review will evaluate the site across the key UI categories, each with a set of detailed guidelines focused on design, messaging, flow, and basic usability principles. Below are the key UI categories:

  • User Control: Site enables exploration by letting users initiate and control actions based on their primary objectives
  • Navigation & Feedback: Establishes intuitive information architecture, keeps users informed throughout the experience, and clearly indicates task progression
  • Communication & Relevance: Ensures site messaging and value proposition are aligned with target users’ objectives
  • Simplicity & Scannability: Presents information in a manner that is logical and easy to digest based on the users’ intent
  • Consistency: Provides consistent page layout and organization to help orient users to the site experience and set expectations
  • Aesthetic Integrity: Incorporates graphic elements and visual cues to build a connection and guide users through the site
  • Help & Forgiveness: When soliciting user information, site clearly indicates what information is required vs. optional, and facilitates the process by providing help and guidance

The site will be evaluated across ~60 guidelines / best practices on a 5-point scale. Ratings are rolled up into sub-scores and weighted into an overall composite score for direct comparison.

  • 0 = Site does not have
  • 1 = Site has but execution is poor
  • 2 = Site has and execution is average
  • 3 = Site has and execution is good
  • 4 = Site has and execution is best-in-class

The Usability Expert Review provides a baseline for how well your site is performing across key segments, identifies problem areas and solutions, and establishes a benchmark for improvement moving forward.

usability expert review


  • Understand how well your site performs across key UI categories and guidelines
  • Identify clear strengths and weaknesses with your design and navigation
  • Determine key areas for improvement and feature enhancement
  • Obtain best practices across functions from industry leaders
  • Prioritize site changes based on user-centered objectives


  • What are low-hanging fruit usability issues that should be addressed?
  • How well does the website perform across standard user-interface guidelines?
  • Can the site messaging and value proposition be improved to better align with target users’ objectives?
  • Is the site content and messaging consistent and easy to understand?
  • What are the primary areas of opportunity for improving the website?


By applying a rigorous methodology, eVOC is able to systematically evaluate your site across key functions that can also be compared against competitors. The findings from the Usability Expert Review will provide clear strengths and weaknesses of the site and include best practices and recommendations for improvement.