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Persona Development is when profiles are created to represent both the needs and personal characteristics of website visitors. Each persona describes the behaviors, goals, skills, and attitudes of a real user group. Persona Development goes beyond simple segmentation by providing a character whose needs and habits are easy to visualize and comprehend.


Persona Development uses traditional in-depth interviews to understand how users think about a specific subject matter, website, product or concept. This research consists of 60 minute interviews, in which users are asked to discuss their needs, desires and behaviors with regard to a specific task, topic, or experience. This helps us better understand and segment the characteristics of a target group.

eVOC conducts interviews for Persona Development using state of-the art facilities across the United States and abroad that are equipped with two-way viewing capabilities. Participants are recruited to match the desired demographics of your target population. Additionally, quantitative surveys can be used to supplement this research to quantify how each persona is represented across the population.

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  • Define key user types and create a unified persona for that segment
  • Understand the variety of user profiles, including differences in experience, expectations, and motivations
  • Provide designers, marketers, sales reps, etc. with a clear persona to understand customer segments
  • Determine how best to design a site to meet the needs of complex user type


  • How can we better design for our target audience?
  • What are the needs and expectations of my website’s key visitor segments?
  • What would be the ideal experience for each user?
  • What type of content resonates with each of my segments?


Persona Development is ideal when clients need to clearly communicate unique differences between target user segments, that go beyond demographics and statistics. Personas provide a humanized representation of each user segment that gives a personality to your customers that is often varied and complex.