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  • eVOC Consultants have 20+ years of expertise in UX
  • Highly skilled moderators, researchers, and consultants
  • Recruit consumers, HCPs, executives and more
  • Best practices collected from thousands of studies
  • Actionable insights and quick-turnaround of results
  • Flexible, agile, and dedicated to delivering high quality

Consulting Services

We provide UX Consulting Services, including usability expert reviews, digital ethnography, and persona development, to help clients develop a successful digital strategy. eVOC consultants conduct usability expert reviews of websites prior to engaging in lab-based or web-based research. Our consultants also provide ongoing UX consulting, including website development consultation, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, traffic analysis and research result recommendations, as well as online research planning and management. Below are our consulting services:

  • Usability Expert Review

    Our Usability Expert Review combines a comprehensive heuristic analysis with website best practices to provide a thorough diagnostic of your website and offer solutions for improvement. eVOC Insights has created an in-depth heuristic checklist, based on user interface design principles and usability standards, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

  • Digital Ethnography

    Digital Ethnographic research focuses on understanding how a user group lives in the digital space and provides deep insights into their digital experiences, needs, desires, and frustrations. This type of research offers the opportunity to learn about the user group’s day to day routines including: which websites they visit and why they visit them

  • Persona_Development

    Persona Development

    Persona Development is when profiles are created to represent both the needs and personal characteristics of website visitors.  Each persona describes the behaviors, goals, skills, and attitudes of a real user group.  Personas go beyond simple segmentation by providing a character whose needs and habits are easy to visualize and comprehend.

  • UX Consulting

    eVOC provides UX Consulting to clients who are seeking user interface and website development consultation, traffic analysis, custom analysis of existing data, or online research planning and management. Our consultants manage both large and small scale research engagements, and are experts in UX design principles, research and analytics.