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Auto Insurance Benchmark Research – Abstract

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Auto Insurance Benchmark Research – Abstract

eVOC Insights, in partnership with Keynote Systems, conducts industry benchmark research that seeks understand a user’s site experience, as a combination of brand perception, website effectiveness, and performance. From the auto insurance research, while ultimately competitive prices, security, and brand reputation are the top 3 factors for users when selecting auto insurance, a clear and simple quote process with minimal personal questions greatly improves the user experience.


eVOC Insights conducts syndicated research, evaluating 10 different websites, to ascertain the industry leaders in brand affinity, user experience, and future call-to-action. For Auto Insurance, eVOC Insights recruits 1000 respondents to evaluate one of 10 sites of the top auto insurance providers (21st Century, Allstate, Esurance, Farmers Group, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, and Travelers). Studies are conducted every 6 months.

Users are tasked to evaluate 4 key areas of the brand site, including the home page, research insurance, and obtain a quote. For each task, the variety of question formats generate quantitative and qualitative feedback to formulate a complete picture of the users’ site interaction. All 10 sites are evaluated and ranked based on 4 key areas: brand impact, user experience, site performance, and future intent.

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  • Benchmark your brand against other competitors in your digital space
  • Measure site according to key areas: web effectiveness, perceptions and intent, and brand strength
  • Track ratings over time to monitor changes to your site or your competitor
  • Understand key insights to help inform business priorities and focus marketing efforts


  • Who are the online leaders in the Auto Insurance industry across, brand, user experience, and performance measures
  • What sites are the best in driving customer satisfaction, retention, conversion and loyalty?
  • How does performance and user experience promote or detract from the brand?
  • What are the best practices for performance and user experience in the Auto Insurance industry?


Simplicity and ease of use are attributes that stand out amongst the top auto insurance sites. From the home page, clean site layouts win out over ones with too much information. A simple quote process, that includes minimal number of questions, auto-fills vehicle and driver information, and limits requests for personal information (i.e. SSN), stand out amongst the brands with high satisfaction ratings. Finally, seeing multiple quote options with organized service breakdowns help alleviate hesitation on what is the best policy or the user.

Customer expectations also give rise to top 10 recommendations and additional site best practices. Furthermore, for each brand, areas of best performance, as well as areas for improvement, provide insight into potential site enhancements.