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Our Newest Addition to the Team

Preface from Claudette Levine, Managing Partner:

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Cheryl Jordan-Aguilera to our team as Vice President of Business Development (for a brief bio, visit: We feel fortunate to continue our growth during questionable economic times and are thankful for the relationships we have with our customers. The customer experience research space is so expansive that we feel we are influencing just the tip of the iceberg. With Cheryl’s expertise and vision, we hope to continue evangelizing the importance of a good customer experience and spreading our passion for research. I asked Cheryl to provide her outlook as a way to introduce herself to our readers.


Cheryl Jordan-Aguilera

VP of Business Development

Cheryl says:

I’m so excited to be joining eVOC and working with Liz and Claudette again!  I remember when I was introduced to the idea of helping companies understand how to make Websites more usable and accessible to the average customer back in 2000 at Vividence (acquired by Keynote Systems in 2004).   In those early days it was exciting to be part of a trailblazing effort to build awareness in the market place. Claudette, Liz and I were part of that early effort and it is amazing to be here almost 10 years later with the need for user experience research more than ever!   I am excited to be at eVOC and back in the customer experience research space after spending some time in competitive intelligence at Hitwise and 3 years managing market research projects at MarketTools, Inc for clients like Microsoft and HP.

I think we all agree that the Web has revolutionized the way business is done.  Not only has a shift occurred for consumers but also for the way business is conducted across industries.  For many years, companies thought that Websites only mattered if there was tangible buying and selling, but through research we’ve learned the importance that Websites can play in branding, building community and connecting people.  One must only look at this election cycle to see how the Web has democratized the election process, making the candidates much more accessible to the average citizen.  Both presidential candidates have benefited from the internet for fundraising as well as getting support from the grassroots up through groups on Facebook and other social networking sites.

For many of you reading this blog, you already know the importance of the Web and user experience research.  However, there are still many companies and people unfamiliar with it or not sure about it.  My job at eVOC will be to educate marketers, researchers, product managers, and Web strategists alike.  I will talk with them about the need for user experience research and demonstrate why it is important to truly understand your customers in terms of who they are, what they know,  what they do and what they expect from your Website.

I look forward to meeting all of you, learning about your Web initiatives and how eVOC can continue to help your business and online presence grow with the Web!