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Online Application Best Practices

Online Application FormWhat are the online application best practices you should be considering?

Thanks to eye tracking and usability studies, we have learned a lot about best practices for online applications and forms, whether they are on responsive websites or mobile applications. Yet, there are still some online applications that perform better than others.  In our latest case study, we take a closer look at online applications specific to the financial services industry.

Learn from the best (and the worst) in the banking and auto insurance industries.

When filling out an application online, be it to open a banking account, apply for a credit card, or to obtain an insurance quote, users come to the table with pre-conceived notions of how the process should go. How the actual application compares to these preconceptions has  a profound impact on the customer’s trust in and satisfaction with the brand site in general. Leaders in banking and auto insurance show us that application speed, simplicity, and clarity drive intent to complete an application and return to the site in the future…continue to Read Case Study.