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Connecting X’s and O’s to UX at the Qualtrics Summit

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Connecting X’s and O’s to UX at the Qualtrics Summit

This year’s Qualtrics Summit was a testament to today’s behavioral economy. “Goods and services are no longer enough,” said Joseph Pine, author of The Experience Economy and keynote speaker for the event. “Experiences are a distinct economic offering.”

Let’s take the summit itself as an example. Daily, attendees were regaled by keynote speakers such as Michael Lewis, Angela Duckworth, Joseph Pine, and Michael Phelps. Evenings were capped off with a circus night, a casino night, not to mention an Elton John concert. And, if attendees decided to stick around until the end of the week, they were offered a networking opportunity in the form of a full-day ski pass. Talk about a ‘distinct economic offering.’

Nowadays, making quality products is not enough. Creating a memorable product experience that resonates with your users is also not enough. This equates to one-off success. It’s the ability to create a cohesive narrative of distinct experiences across your quality products and services that will draw and retain users within your brand’s ecosystem. This is what will make or break your business.

So how does Qualtrics come into play (and why hasn’t there been any mention of X’s and O’s)? Qualtrics founder and CEO Ryan Smith picked up on the experience economy trend and sought a way to quantify it. Cue, X data and O data.

Smith claims that O data, aka operational data, is no longer the most relevant source of actionable information. He introduces us to X data – “the experience data. [It’s] the human factor data; the beliefs, the emotion to why things are happening and what is going to happen next. O data is about the past, X data is about the future.”

X data is not a new concept. Smith has coined a term that is all too familiar to the User Experience Researcher – it is a trendy expression of our expertise. The term was introduced to generate buzz around Qualtrics’ new software program that will enable businesses to aggregate large quantities of survey data in order to analyze product, customer, employee and brand experiences. Customers will be able to detect “experience gaps” – presented in a natural language format – across their business’ most vital digital touchpoints, and leverage them into comprehensive, actionable strategies. UX Researchers partner with Qualtrics in this endeavor and furthermore supplement insights through deep immersion, user-centered research methods.

Ultimately, it is clearer now than ever before that your business’ constituents will only exist within your brand’s ecosystem if they feel acknowledged and appreciated. Qualtrics provides the tools to manage interactions on a macro-scale, however, we must also keep an eye on micro interactions and strive to maintain a dialogue with people. This is the domain of the UX Researcher. At eVOC Insights, we close the experience management loop by making real, in-person connections with your users. We supplement X data with the insights that drive the creative and memorable experiences your users seek. To learn more about how you can tap into your X data with online technology, explore our Web-Based Testing. Let’s start a conversation around delivering beautiful experiences today.