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Network Solutions: Visitor Profile and Task Success

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Network Solutions:

Visitor Profile and Task Success

Routine checks of who comes to your site, what their intentions are, and their satisfaction with the site experience are crucial for staying up-to-date with changing expectations of your target customer base.  A Website Intercept Survey can assess not only who is coming your site, but also reveal insights about their overall site experience, including success with completing key site tasks.


Network Solutions is primarily an online domain registration website, which also offers web hosting, e-commerce solutions, online security products, and search engine marketing and optimization. Network Solutions manages more than 7 million domains, 1.5 million e-mailboxes, and 350,000 websites.

Network Solutions set out to find what was impacting the purchase decision of its users and discover points of drop-off during the purchase process. Network Solutions needed to evaluate the current user experience on its site, understand who was visiting the site and what their intentions were, and find out if the users were successfully completing their intended tasks.



  • Identify characteristics of site visitors
  • Understand the intentions and expectations of visitors coming to your site
  • Measure site experience along key metrics, such as satisfaction, ease of use, drop off, and likelihood to return / recommend


  • In order to meet these needs, eVOC Insights conducted a comprehensive website intercept survey on site entry and exit to understand the current profile of visitors, their overall ease of use and feature satisfaction, and reasons for abandonment.
  • eVOC also analyzed behavioral data to understand users’ experience on the site and determine key areas for improvement.

Key Findings

  • 83% Likelihood to Return
  • 70% successful in completing intended task
  • Pages with highest task success rate:
    • Private Domain Registration (87%)
    • SSL certificates (86%)
    • WHOIS domain ownership database (80%)
  • 66% overall satisfaction on exit
  • 65% likely to recommend site
  • 65% find site easy to use
  • 64% find site information is well organized
  • 61% of visitors are interested in products & services for their business