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Pharma Brand Site Benchmarking: Website Intercept Benchmarks

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Pharma Brand Site Benchmarking:

Pharma Brand Site Benchmarking: Website Intercept Benchmarks

Pharma brand websites have become an integral component of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) marketing campaigns as websites enable consumers to research brands before and after physician visits to help inform their decision making. Leading pharma brands have
embraced the digital era and are benchmarking the ROI of their online DTC initiatives and branded websites.


The pharmaceutical industry faces strict FDA regulations for Direct-to-Consumer marketing, as well as a constantly growing consumer demand for the latest drug and safety information. With these challenges, pharmaceutical brands need to not only deliver up-to-date information online, but also create websites that are easy to use and drive call-to-action.

To meet these needs, eVOC collects and delivers aggregated pharmaceutical brand website industry benchmarks. These benchmarks can serve as a reference point for comparing your Brand Website’s scores against the average pharma website and the “Best Performing” pharma website, among those that we have tested.



  • Evaluate how well your brand resonates with the target population.
  • Benchmark each site’s performance in relation the other sites surveyed
  • Determine likelihood to ask a physician about condition and brand name after visiting a site.


  • eVOC consistently tracks key user experience metrics across pharmaceutical branded website intercept studies, including ease of use, satisfaction, likelihood to speak with a physician about an Rx, likelihood to fill an Rx after visiting the website, and several other metrics such as visitor profile, marketing channel, intent for visiting, etc.
  • This data is compiled and aggregated to provide industry benchmarks for pharma brands to help clients understand how their site is performing against the industry average.

Key Findings

  • 54% benchmark for overall ease of use across pharma brand sites
  • 52% benchmark for likelihood to speak to physician about condition after site visit
  • 50% benchmark for likelihood to ask physician about brand name after site visit
  • 78% for overall ease of use of “Best Performing” Brand site
  • 86% for likelihood to speak with Doctor of “Best Performing” Brand site
  • 63% for likelihood to speak with Doctor about Brand name of “Best Performing” Brand site