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The Fear of Scarcity – Don’t Miss Out!

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The Fear of Scarcity – Don’t Miss Out!

Understanding the Persuasive Principle of Scarcity to Increase Demand and Drive Online Sales

This month’s white paper takes a deep dive look at the scarcity principle of persuasion and showcases how to apply this technique to website usability in order to drive conversion.

Back in March, we outlined Robert Cialdini’s 6 principles of persuasion and demonstrated how each principle applies to website usability as a way to influence user decision-making on your website. Now, in the first installment of our 6-part series, we closely examine the principle of scarcity as a tool for increasing e-commerce conversions. Scarcity refers to an increased desire for an item that is limited or restricted in some way, and can be divided into the following 4 applications:

  1. Limited Numbers
  2. Rare Value
  3. Time Limits
  4. Restriction / Censorship
Each of these applications offers a unique way to influence online consumer behavior by tapping into our inherent impulse to react against perceived scarcity or limitation of freedom. This white paper outlines the psychological and economic research that describes these principles and provides case studies of their successful application in e-commerce.


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