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Pay Attention to Usability

Learn How to Harness Users’ Attention through Cognitive Resources and Website Design

Attention, the filter with which we navigate a stimulating environment, has implications for a variety of fields, especially usability. Attention plays a critical role in a user’s online experience, helping to guide them to sought after content and drawing them deeper into a captivating website. Armed with an understanding of how attention drives behavior, you can set your website apart from competitors by taking advantage of attentional mechanisms to provide the best user experience possible.

In this white paper, we describe some of the fundamental properties of attention and relate them to key aspects of user experience. Along with complementary case studies exemplifying usability best practices, we demonstrate how a well-designed site takes advantage of each facet of attention to create an effortless user experience. For example, being aware of how simple features, such as shape and color, unconsciously capture attention allows you to direct a user to areas of the site you want them to explore. On the other hand, some users come to a website with a specific goal in mind and will use attention to filter through the site’s content until they find what they are looking for. In this case, it is important to ensure the user’s search is not hindered by too much content on the page.

To learn more about how to use attention to improve your website’s user experience and find out which sites excel at these techniques, click here to request a copy of our free white paper.